Ahmaud Arbery Day In Georgia
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If the story of Biden’s Emmett Till Monument didn’t leave you sufficiently depressed, here’s another story along the same miserable lines.

Ahmaud Arbery was the young black guy who died after trying to grab a shotgun from a white guy who was trying to conduct a perfectly legal citizen’s arrest on him in Brunswick, Georgia two years ago.

That guy and his two companions—both also white, and neither of whom did anything to Arbery—are now serving multiple life sentences after the usual series of double-jeopardy-loaded fake trials and whipped-up media frenzy.

Writing about the Brunswick Three here at VDARE.com, I have called their arrest and conviction ”a monstrous miscarriage of justice” end quote; and also ”the most appalling anti-white horror of recent years.” I haven’t heard or read anything to change my mind.

I don’t know whether a statue of Arbery has been erected anywhere and I’d rather not know, so please don’t tell me if there’s one gracing your local town square.

There is, though, now an Ahmaud Arbery Day, at any rate in Georgia, by resolution of the state legislature.

It’s February 23rd. The resolution also encourages members of the community to run 2.23 miles on that day to advocate for racial equality.

Hoo-kay. State Representative Sandra Scott introduced the resolution. Checking her pictures, I’d pay money to see her run 2.23 miles.

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