American Criminals Of Non-Color
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Via Ann Althouse's blog, ["My parents are actually worried about retaliation against Asians."] I see another report of unwarranted backlash fears Brenda wrote about, which of course haven't come true. (The blog Occidentalism reminds us that when two Korean girls were killed in road accident by the American troops who have guarded the Republic of Korea for the past 57 year, Koreans indulged in an orgy of hate, rioting and beating white people.)

There's also this claim by Margaret Cho,

So here is the whole terrible mess of the shootings at Virginia Tech. I look at the shooter's expressionless face on the news and he looks so familiar, like he could be in my family. Just another one of us. But how can he be us when what he has done is so terrible? Here is where I can really envy white people because when white people do something that is inexplicably awful, so brutally and horribly wrong, nobody says – “do you think it is because he is white?” There are no headlines calling him the “White shooter." There is no mention of race because there is no thought in anyone's mind that his race had anything to do with his crime.

Althouse asks

Do Americans deserve this criticism? Is "so much attention is focused on the Asian-ness of the shooter"? If we want to avoid bigotry, let's also think about whether it's right to characterize Americans this way.

Here's the thing about crimes committed by white people in American, crimes like the Texas Tower shooting in 1966, or the assassination of John F. Kennedy, or the Columbine Massacre. They're all characterized by both the American mainstream media, and even more so by the British and European media, as "American crimes." And what they mean is white American crimes, since black American crime, while greater in absolute numbers gets far less coverage.

When they say an "American gun culture," or an "American culture of violence," what they mean is a white American culture of violence. The black American culture of violence gets less coverage, and what anti-Americans think of as the crimes of America (in foreign policy, or whatever) are the crimes of white America.

Trust me, white people get blamed for a lot, including, of course, by Margaret Cho,.

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