American Indian Reports Illegal Aliens On Property, Winds Up Dead
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Weeks ago, we learned that shooting and killing an illegal alien in self-defense on your property—an illegal alien possibly armed with an AK-47, no less—can get you arrested for first-degree murder. This week we learned that reporting illegal aliens on your property might get you shot… by the Border Patrol. The accidental killing raises the observation that American Indians won’t fare any better than whites in Great Replacement America.

Details are murky, but news reports say a Tohono O’odham Indian, Raymond Mattia, reported illegal aliens on his property. When Border Patrol agents showed up at about 9:40 p.m., one or more of them shot him dead.

“He called to request for assistance because there were multiple illegal immigrants who had trespassed into his yard and he wanted assistance getting them out of his property,” a relative told KVOA News4, the NBC affiliate in Tucson reporter Lupito Murillo.

It happened in the village known as Menagers Dam, a few miles from the U.S -Mexico border.

The family said Mattia went outside when he saw the agents. They claimed he was just two feet away from his front door when suddenly shots rang out.

“I had heard all the gunshots like it was just a war. I just went into shock like I couldn't believe what I was hearing.”

[Tohono O’odham man shot and killed by border patrol, May 19, 2023]

Witnesses said the gunfire sounded like a war, and officials told family members that agents fired 38 times.

Autopsy results will be available in a few weeks, Murillo reported [Autopsy completed on man shot and killed by federal agents, May 23, 2023].

U.S. Customs and Border Protection explained that agents responded to a call from local cops. When agents arrived at the residence, they encountered Mattia, who “threw an object toward the officer as they approached the structure which landed a few feet from the officer’s feet.”

Then Mattia made his fatal mistake:

Shortly after the individual threw the object, he abruptly extended his right arm away from his body and three agents fired their service weapons striking the individual several times. The individual fell to the ground, and the officer and agents slowly approached the man. 

[Tucson agents involved in fatal shooting of man, while responding to shots fired call,, May 22, 2023]

Whatever the reason for the shooting, Mattia is dead because Traitor Joe Biden opened the border and shut down immigration enforcement for the Great Replacement.

The verdict: Biden and his Border Treason gang murdered Mattia.

Of course, neither Biden nor any of his Great Replacement conspirators would care if the agents had killed a white man. Dispossessing and replacing whites is part of the plan. That’s why rancher George Kelly was charged with murder when he killed the illegal in self-defense.

But Treason Lobbyists certainly didn’t expect an American Indian to get killed. So maybe they’re targets for the Great Replacement, too, perhaps unintentionally, and even if they are members of the Democrat Party’s Fringe Coalition of angry minorities. They have zero political clout. The party doesn’t need them to cement permanent political power.

Maybe it’s time for immigration patriots to start recruiting on the 25 reservations near the border with the message that the Great Replacement targets Indians, too.


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