Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Roundup: Africans Lose To Afghans...Who Don’t Want To Live In Muslim Countries, Etc.
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Below are the news items that I found most interesting since last week’s round-up.  Although most refugee news involves the Afghans (not refugees, yet), there were some other bits of news this week that you might find useful.

Since January 31st marked the end of the first third of the fiscal year (the new year began on October 1, 2021 for refugee resettlement purposes), I had a look at the Refugee Processing Center data and see that the regular refugee resettlement program has ground to a near halt. (The Afghans having flooded the zone.)

Have a look yourself.  Biden promised the open borders cabal that he was shooting for 125,000 refugees this year and he concluded 4 months at a paltry 4,362.  The big loser to the Afghans has to be the Africans.  They were aiming for 40,000 “new American” Africans this year and have so far only managed to move 1,947 to a town near you.

And this….

You need to know that the Feds are changing the language—no longer is America a nation of immigrants!

Get with the program—it is now a nation of welcome!

What do you know! Afghans do not want to live in these Muslim countries….

Invasion of Europe news….

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