Anne Wilson Smith: Six Years After Charlottesville, Two GOOD Books About What Happened
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Earlier: Anne Wilson Smith On The 6th Anniversay Of Charlottesville: Pervasive  Left-Wing Lies About Unite The Right Still Dominant

As I said in the post linked above, myth-building about Unite the Right is an important tool of the communist revolutionaries. As the false narratives build, eclipsing the reality of a seminal event in modern history, the mission of to preserve and disseminate the truth is more important than ever.

There are a few book options for people who would like information other than that which supports the elite-approved fallacy. I myself endeavored to catalogue the overlooked facts and unheard stories of attendees in the book Charlottesville Untold: Inside Unite the Right.

Attendee Padraig Martin authored A Walk in the Park: My Charlottesville Story, which details his personal political path to the dissident right, his experience at Charlottesville, and an analysis of the event in political and historic context.

See “Unite The Right 8/12/2017 was the Last Day of the United States”—Padraig Martin’s A WALK IN THE PARK.


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