Another Black Mass Shooting: In Montgomery, AL, More Than 350 Spent Casings At Massive Gun Battle At Black Party (13 Wounded/0 Dead)
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Were the National Rifle Association (NRA) truly a racist organization, they’d be engaging in minority outreach marksmanship lessons across the nation on a weekly basis. As it is, another black mass shooting happened in a formerly safe major U.S. city (Montgomery, Alabama), once populated by a majority of white people, who left when black crime made it untenable to live near.

More than 350 spent cases were found at the scene of the violent outburst by blacks, and not one death.

13 injured in Montgomery mass shooting, Montgomery Advertiser, June 23, 2024
A hail of gunfire erupted in a crowd of about 1,000 people early Sunday morning at what authorities describe as an unpermitted street party in Montgomery’s North Pass neighborhood. When it was over, hundreds of rounds had been fired, at least nine people were shot and at least four others were injured in the chaos.

Law enforcement recovered more than 350 spent rounds from high-powered rifles and handguns at the scene, Acting Police Chief John Hall said Sunday afternoon in a news conference. As of Sunday evening, no deaths had been linked to the shooting. All of shooting victims had injuries that authorities described as not life-threatening. Three people were injured when they were struck by vehicles leaving the area and one woman was injured by broken glass, police say.

Footage posted to social media showed at least one shot being fired into the air, then an eruption of shooting from multiple types of weapons that lasted about two minutes as crowds ran and people took cover. Rapid semi-automatic gunfire can be heard, and several strings of apparent automatic gunfire can be heard.

Mayor Steven Reed said the city is “blessed” that no one was killed.

“I believe in blessings, and I believe in luck,” Reed said. “We were blessed. This could have been much worse.”

Hall said such gatherings need to be permitted through the city, but that this gathering wasn’t permitted. The Montgomery Police Department was aware the party was happening, but officers were responding to a homicide call, a shooting and a robbery before the North Pass call came in, he said.

The 1:48 a.m. call came in to dispatch as shots fired, Hall said. At 1:50 a.m. the call was changed to people shot at the location. The first officers made it to the scene at 1:55 a.m., he said.

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