Another Day, Another Biden Mafia Associate Unveiled As Child Sex Abuser
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News that a bosom pal of homosexual Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Patrick Wojhan, landed 30 years in prison for child sex exploitation elicited the expected response: Don’t really know the guy, Buttigieg said. That is a lie, of course, as Elon Musk observed on Twitter under photos of the two who were all but making out. That yet another associate of the Biden Mafia is a child sex abuser again raises the obvious observation: Maybe the Pizzagate “conspiracy theory” isn’t just a theory, and maybe the regime is sex trafficking the illegal-alien kids it brings into the country and hands to unvetted “sponsors.”

For the record, here’s what Buttigieg’s boon companion did:

Law enforcement, prosecutors said, knew the names of 52 children who appeared in images on Wojahn’s cellphone. They experienced sexual abuse all over the world. The United States. Canada. Mexico. Spain. Germany. The United Kingdom.

But there were hundreds, if not thousands more children that investigators could not identify. The total number was so large, prosecutors said, that it surpassed the enrollment of Wojahn’s local elementary school, Hollywood Elementary.

[Ex-College Park mayor sentenced for child sex abuse material: ‘I am truly, truly sorry,’ by Dylan Segelbaum, Baltimore Banner, November 20, 2023]

Wojhan was the mayor of College Park, Maryland.’s Patrick Cleburne theorizes that the regime is importing children and sending them to child prostitution or sex trafficking rings. That would make them available to perverts like Wojhan.

The circumstantial evidence for that claim is the list of weirdoes, freaks, and perverts Biden has hired. Tops among them was the advocate for underage homosexual prostitution, bald “non-binary” sadist Sam Brinton, the failed luggage thief.

And, of course, there’s Buttigieg, who thinks he is “married” to a man, a pervert and child groomer called Chasten [WATCH: Mayor Pete’s husband mocks pledge of allegiance, grooms kids at LGBT camp, by Libby Emmon, The Post Millennial, March 10, 2022].

On that note, Buttigieg and his “husband” adopted twin infants.

Those who wonder why that is a serious problem can read about the two homosexuals who adopted infants and pimped them, again, to perverts like Wojhan, Buttigieg’s “mentee.”

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