Another Muslim Shooting—And The "Interfaith Community" Doesn't See What's Wrong
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A Muslim terrorist shot up the Seattle Jewish Federation, managing to shoot six women and kill one. This is fairly typical behavior for a Muslim terrorist, the unusual thing being that he's an American, operating in Washington state. Details at Michelle Malkin's site, also here.

Various Muslim types are condemning the violence, but of course, not condemning the Islamic ideology from which it sprung. In fact, against all the evidence, they say things like this

"I am sure faith has nothing to do with what happened — we don't know that person. We don't know what his motive is." [Hisham Farajallah, president of the Islamic Center of Washington]
That's from an article titled Interfaith community expresses solidarity[By Debera Carlton Harrell, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 29, 2006] in which various Seattle clergy talk about how this is going to mess up their interfaith prayer breakfasts and such.

Nope, this is straight jihad stuff—the killer, Naveed Haq—shouted "I am a Muslim American, angry at Israel" before shooting at the women. So, if it's jihad, then it's a normal reaction for a Muslim, a genuine religious act, which is why many Americans are concerned about Islam.

Of course, the Muslim leaders couldn't condemn Islamic theology if they wanted to, not just because they'd lose their jobs, but because if they did, there's a strong possibility they'd be murdered (yes, in America) for "apostasy."

But, the question is "Why is this happening here?" After all, America isn't a Muslim country. Why, it's the era of mass immigration, started by the 1965 immigration act, and strongly encouraged by all these clergymen.

For example, there was an interfaith service for peace in the Middle East held at St. James Cathedral in Seattle. This involved Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and Jews.

St. James Cathedral is the Cathedral church of the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle. Here is the what the cathedral staff [contact them] has to say about "immigrants rights."

The Church Council of Greater Seattle, which represents 419 non-Catholic churches, [send them mail] has a similar page, but it's under construction. However, the fact that "Immigrants rights" is a subpage of "Social Justice" tells me all I need to know about what's going to be on it.

You will be happy to learn that according to the staff at the Seattle Cathedral, the following are "myths"

and the final myth is
  • The war on terrorism can be won through immigration restrictions
Thanks, interfaith guys!

The reason they give for the fact that immigration restriction doesn't curb terror is that the 9/11 hijackers had legal visas, the easiest thing for immigration restriction to restrict.

But here's my suggestion, instead of interfaith dialogue, we could have "outerfaith." "Outerfaith" dialogue would be where members of the religion of peace could could be encouraged to go back where they came from, and the church leaders who wanted to dialogue with them could use email.

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