Another Sue And Settle Case Where Biden Administration Lawyers Take A Dive Over Illegal Immigration
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Only the densest of fools would believe that Biden is doing anything to secure the border beyond paying it lip service. The Biden administration just “lost” a court challenge about holding children in outdoor camps [Biden Admin Loses Court Challenge to Holding Migrant Children in Outdoor Camps, Breitbart, April 5, 2024].

How much do you want to bet that after this devastating loss the lawyers for both sides went to a party to celebrate? Sue and settle. It’s what happened with the Flores Settlement, which the federal government initially won, but then, years later, lawyers for the Clinton Administration reversed themselves and settled with opposing counsel, again, even though the government lawyers had been winning in court. I have a feeling that once again, the government lawyers weren’t trying too hard. In fact, this case once again wound up in front of Judge Dolly Gee, who only ever seems to rule in favor of open borders.

It’s never been explained why Dolly Gee is the only judge allowed to hear these cases. At some point, shouldn’t another judge be allowed to weigh in?



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