Antifa, BLM, and the ChiComs
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I may have missed something; but given that the internet is the natural home of conspiracy theories, I haven't yet seen anyone suggest that the Antifa-BLM disturbances may be part-organized or -financed by the ChiComs.

They are plainly delighted by it all [US 'vulnerable' to accusations of hypocrisy, as China and Iran criticize response to George Floyd protests | Chinese and Iranian state media have given the protests extensive coverage, by Guy Davies and Conor Finnegan, ABC, June 6, 2020].  I have this image in mind of the Politburo gathering of an evening to binge-watch the latest riot coverage, chuckling and passing around the after-dinner mints and maotai.

It works for them in so many ways—not least, as showing up what a 纸老虎 Donald Trump is. If the CCP doesn't have people in place here helping the rioters, whoever's in charge of ChiCom undercover special ops in North America isn't doing his job.

If you want a deeper level of conspiracy-mongering than that you might wonder if elements in our own Deep State are in cahoots with the ChiComs at keeping things burning. The ChiCom political system—total social control, suppression of all dissent, submissive tech billionaires—is a Deep Stater's wet dream.

We're headed that way anyway, it just needs a nudge here and there to speed up the process. A willing nudger in the Justice Department or intelligence agencies could be dreaming of a handsome reward when the new bosses take charge.

Hey, I'm just speculating. It's no crazier than the Russia-stole-our-election stuff that everybody who's anybody believes in.

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