Associated Press On Hunter Biden And Joe Biden: They Think We're STUPID
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The sheer brazenness of the regime and its media shills is really breathtaking. They look us straight in the eye then quietly start telling us these whopping lies.

They can do that in confidence because they know that hardly any media outlets will call them on it. Other than one or two that can easily be demonized as nests of Nazis and spreaders of Hate—Fox News, perhaps, or the New York Post—all the other outlets are on the same side.

So here was Associated Press last Saturday, actual no-kidding quote:

Joe Biden has said he’s never spoken to his son about his foreign business, and nothing the Republicans have put forth suggests otherwise.
[House GOP pushes Hunter Biden probe despite thin majority, November 19, 2022]

This isn’t some 19-year-old hack reporter at the Oshkosh Advertiser. This is Associated Press, supposedly one of the most authoritative news outlets in the world.

Here’s another one: CBS News. They told us on Monday this week that they had confirmed the authenticity of the data on Hunter Biden’s laptop. CBS senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge said the laptop abandoned in 2019 at a Delaware computer repair shop, quote, ”showed no evidence it was faked or tampered with.”

This is more than two years after the New York Post reported on the laptop’s contents, just before the 2020 election. The rest of the media covered that story all right: They covered it with a pillow pressed down over its face until it stopped breathing. Gotta get Joe Biden elected!

It’s just so brazen and obvious. I’ve been following U.S. politics since the LBJ administration. I’ve followed all the scandals, the blunders and the attempted cover-ups, Watergate, Iran-Contra, Clinton’s shenanigans. I don’t recall anything this brazen, this clearly illustrative of the theory that political lying is meant not so much to deceive as to humiliate.

Do they really think we’re so stupid?

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