Barletta Stands Tall On Administrative Amnesty: Repression Underway
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Outrageously, the Obamacrats’ effective Coup D’état of August 19th, implementing a Stealth Administrative Amnesty, has gone unchallenged by all the GOP Presidential candidates and with almost no response from the GOP Congressional Leadership. The Slave Power effect rules! 

Ultimately, of course a blistering firestorm about this is going sweep in from the grassroots. We at intend to do our part

But apparently not quite everyone in Congress has been bought or intimidated. Congressman Lou Barletta has put out a fine Press Release

 “For five years, I’ve been saying that illegal is illegal. Now, illegal is no longer illegal to President Obama and his administration,” Rep. Barletta said. “But the Obama Administration does not have the right to pick and choose what laws it enforces. This decision by the Obama Administration undermines the rule of law. American immigration law is very clear, and it should be followed.

 Laudably, Barletta stresses the employment implications of the Immigration disaster: 

Millions of illegal aliens steal jobs from legal American workers, and now the Obama Administration has just given illegal aliens permission to stay and continue stealing those jobs. Conservative estimates say 10 million to 12 million jobs are being stolen by illegal aliens. Imagine if we could give 10 million unemployed Americans a job. Think about what that would do for their families, for their communities, and for our nation.  

as well as noting the contempt of Congress explicit in the President’s usurpation 

Never has such a sweeping change of American immigration policy been made by the president acting alone. You not only have to question his motives, but you also have to question whether or not he is legally allowed to rewrite existing law by himself. 

Back in June I noted Good Question! Lou Barletta: Why Don't We Deport "Every Single Illegal Alien Caught By Any Law Enforcement Officer In The Country"?

which really should be the starting point for any discussion about what Obama has done. Subsequently I noted how the MSM is avoiding this articulate and eloquent spokesman for the Patriotic cause. 

That is not to say Lou Barletta has gone unnoticed. As he noted in

Barletta defends decision to suspend his town halls The Times Leader August 25 2011

“In the four town hall meetings I held, each one became a victim of targeted disruption by,” Barletta said. “Members of that organization were told what to do to interrupt the meetings. There were near fist fights between people in the audience and the protesters. The police had to remove people on two occasions.”

This plutocratic gang of leftist enforcers is not in Barletta’s unfashionable district for any other reason than they fear his emerging as a key Patriotic leader in Immigration. Their answer, as usual: Repression salutes Lou Barletta.

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