Biden Mob Abolishes Border DNA Tests To Facilitate Family Fraud—And Child Prostitution?
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Warm applause for FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) for breaking yet another outrageous MSM immigration news blockade. If I was not on the FAIR weekly email I would not have learned Biden Administration Jettisons DNA Testing of Families at Border, by Pawel Styrna, July 17 2023.

At the end of May, the Biden Administration made a conscious decision not to renew a Trump-era pilot program that conducts rapid DNA testing of illegal aliens crossing the border. The program was implemented in 2019 to keep illegal aliens from trafficking children by falsely claiming a family relationship… material was typically analyzed within 90 minutes to determine whether there was a parent-child relationship.

I can find no MSM story on this, despite House Republican complaints: Grothman, National Security Subcommittee Members Investigate Human Trafficking Risks as Biden Administration Moves to End DNA Testing at the Border, May 26,2023

As Pawel Styrna points out, the latest iteration of this problem was created by a Treason Lobby Kritarch in 2015 the Flores litigation the district court held that Customs and Border Protection could only detain minors … for a maximum of 20 days…

Once the rest of the world realized that migrating to the U.S. as a family almost certainly ensured release, families headed toward the U.S.-Mexico border in droves.  Between 2015 and 2019, the number of family units apprehended skyrocketed from 39,900 to 473,700.

While this on its face was a disaster (unless you are a No Borders Type) the resultant fraud added insult to injury.

Once the DNA pilot testing started in 2019, the results showed that 30 percent of illegal aliens arriving with children they claimed as theirs were, in fact, not related to the children (nor were they stepparents or adoptive parents).

Massive fraud in Family immigration programs is not new. In 2008 Open Borders fanatic Miriam Jordan unhappily reported in the Wall Street Journal Refugee Program Halted As DNA Tests Show Fraud, August 20, 2008 [Archive link]. This was about Africa.

Unprofessionally, Jordan did not supply numbers.

FAIR helpfully noted:

Rep. Lance Gooden of Texas has reintroduced legislation known as the Biometric Verification for Entry and Reconfirming Identification with Forensics (B-VERIFY) Act. The bill requires that biometric data, including DNA, be collected by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from all aliens apprehended by the three immigration agencies within DHS.

Gooden (Numbers USA Career Ranking 94%) has released a statement about this. So far this year’s bill has not shown up on his GovTrack.US page. Tracking who cosponsors it should be a major acid test for Patriots.

Unfortunately, the fact that the Biden Mob is doing all it can to accelerate the immivasion is only the lesser horror in this scandal.

There is the horrible suspicion: Biden’s Unaccompanied Minor Laxness Intended to Help Child Prostitution Rackets?

…in these degenerate times, and given the number of freaks and perverts the Biden administration delights in employing, the grim fact is that increasing the supply to child prostitution operations may have supporters in the White House.

I am dead serious about this. Armed with a stiff drink, Americans should consider an essay headlined by the invaluable Revolver site: Read this if you think PizzaGate is overblown. This links to Anatomy of a Conspiracy Theory, by Darryl Cooper,

This essay is a careful review of the analysis by numerous public-spirited citizens of the curious language in the trove of John Podesta emails released by Wikileaks in Fall 2016.

Podesta is the ultimate Democrat Big Foot and served as Chairman of Hilary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. With his brother Tony he ran the immensely powerful Podesta Group

Put aside the email discussion, go in and look at how the Podestas decorated their houses.

Hispanic political power here will inevitably surge. In a generation or two, rage about slavery or the treatment of “Native Americans” will be upstaged by their fury about how the Democratic elite allowed (perhaps enabled) Latino child exploitation in the Biden Immivasion.

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