Biden Open Borders Hits A New Record High: Reportedly 302,000 Illegals At Border, Highest Number EVER—Again!
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Earlier (October 24, 2021): Biden Rush: Arrests By Border Patrol ”Soared To The Highest Levels Ever Recorded” and June 18, 2022: Biden Rush: Southwest Border Numbers ”Highest Number Ever Recorded” AGAIN

The figures for Southwest Land Border Encounters weren’t released by CBP until December 22, fourth Friday of a five-Friday month and two days before Christmas, but here they are:

Now unconfirmed reports claim that the December total for illegal alien invaders at the border with Mexico has reached 302,000, the highest monthly number ever.

Presumably, we will hear about this from CBP officially on Friday, January 25.

Donald Trump has reacted to the Biden Border Invasion, well, by correctly describing it as an invasion.

Former President Donald Trump ripped Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration for allowing what Trump calls an “invasion” at the U.S. border with Mexico, something the former president likened to a “migration of civilization into our country.”

Trump’s comments, which came during a two-hour-long exclusive interview at his Mar-a-Lago resort on Thursday evening, come as Biden’s administration has been involved in talks with Mexico to try to stem the tide of migrants flowing into the country. They also come as lawmakers in Washington seek an elusive deal that would fund more aid to Ukraine—a Biden administration priority—in exchange for border reforms that Republicans in the Senate want.

Exclusive—Donald Trump: Biden Allowing ‘Invasion’ at Border, a ‘Migration of Civilization into Our Country, by Matthew Boyle and Alexander Marlow, Breitbart, December 31, 2023

The only problem is that President Trump thinks that he can run a mass deportation campaign to remove these invaders. Sadly, that will not be possible unless the law is changed to allow the deportation of all illegal aliens by Expedited Removal. By the time Donald Trump returns to office, most illegal aliens who entered under the Biden Regime amnesties will have been here more than two years, which is the current time limit for use of Expedited Removal. After two years, illegal aliens are no longer eligible to be removed expeditiously and have the right to a hearing before the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), which has a current backlog of over three million illegal aliens.

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