Biden's NYC ‘Migrant’ Crime Wave Swamps Police Blotter
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The “migrant” crime wave in New York City, sponsored by Traitor Joe Biden and his Border Treason regime, has begun. Cops have collared almost four dozen illegals at the Roosevelt Hotel, which the regime of Mayor Eric Adams turned into a “shelter.” Shelter is Treason Lobby code for Illegal-Alien Drop Zone.

Most of the crimes “stemmed from domestic-violence incidents, law-enforcement sources” told the New York Post:

The troubling figure surfaced a day after a 30-year-old migrant at the Manhattan hotel-turned-shelter was arrested for alleged child endangerment.

He was taken into custody just before 9 p.m. Saturday at the hotel at 45 E. 45th St.

His alleged victim was his 11-year-old daughter, according to police sources.

Sources said the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office later declined to prosecute.

“After thorough investigation and review of the facts, the People declined to prosecute this matter,” a spokesperson for the Manhattan DA’s office said in a statement. “If a crime cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, it is our ethical duty not to charge it.”

Other arrests at the site have included an asylum seeker accused of bashing an employee in the head with a “No Parking” sign in June after the worker chucked him from the building for being unruly.

The worker ended up with a 6-inch gash on his head—and Mayor Eric Adams made an unannounced visit to the hotel within days to survey the situation himself.

[41 people have been arrested at NYC’s migrant Roosevelt Hotel since May—most for domestic violence: sources, by Larry Celona, Joe Marino, Haley Brown and Steve Janoski, September 3, 2023]

That Adams! What a guy!

Other “diversity-is-our-strength” arrests include this one:

A 20-year-old illegal slapped a cop because he tried to “confiscate her unregistered motorbike in front of the Stratford Arms Hotel on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.” This estimable “migrant” attacked her boyfriend in July. She was released because the communists who run New York scrapped cash bail.

She isn’t the only “migrant” who continued committing crimes after a no-bail release.

New Yorkers are unamused:

“These migrants here, they are disturbing us a lot,’’ said George Boahene, a store manager at the men’s suit store Sayki down the block, to The Post on Sunday.

“They are always hanging around scratching the windows and making the windows dirty. … It’s not good for the business.’’

But he said he was unaware of the crimes being allegedly committed at the hotel.

A security guard at the hotel said, “A lot of these people are immigrants and they work for Uber Eats.

“They pretty much just stay here and take care of their kids.

“The only thing that’s really bad around here is parking,’’ the worker said. “You know, a lot of tickets.”

Unvaccinated, unlicensed “migrants” are working for Uber Eats!

Add bacterial contagion—E. coli, Shigella, Vibrio, and Salmonella—to the crime wave that Traitor Joe has unleashed to help along the Great Replacement.

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