Bilingual Free Drugs, Or We'll Sue!
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This is from Walter Olson's

Overlawyered: Lawsuit demands drugstores hire bilingual interpreters
Immigrant advocacy groups are filing a complaint with the New York attorney general's office naming 16 pharmacies in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island, claiming "that federal civil rights law and state health regulations require pharmacies to provide linguistic help" to "people who speak little or no English". "That assistance should include interpreters at pharmacies and written translations of medication instructions, the advocates say." The advocacy groups are New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, the New York Immigration Coalition and Make the Road New York.
It seems a creative reinterpretation of "national origin discrimination" has been going on for some time:

At which point he goes on to quote the New York Times story, [Non-English Speakers Charge Bias in Prescription Labeling, By Anne Barnard, October 31, 2007] but I'll point you to Ho Ho! This Inverted Santa Clause Wants Your Money (In Any Language) By Thomas Allen, December 11, 2002, just to make the point that we were covering this almost five years ago. Not only has it been going on for some time, but we've been covering it for some time.



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