Black Ex-FBI Agent Charged With Perjury In Black DA's Investigation Of White Republican Governor
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When white GOP Missouri Governor Eric Greitens was accused of misconduct, black St. Louis DA Kim Gardner  launched an investigation.

This is Kim Gardner:

Today, a black ex-FBI agent named William Tisaby was arrested for perjury in the investigation.

This is William Tisaby: 

Fox News has the details, and pictures, not including words like "black" or "white":

Ex-FBI agent in Greitens case charged with perjury, evidence tampering, by Talia Kaplan, June 18, 2019

A former FBI agent hired by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner to help in the criminal investigation of then-Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens was hit with charges of perjury and tampering with evidence Monday.

William Tisaby had been hired by Gardner just days after Greitens, a Republican, admitted to having an affair with a St. Louis hairdresser in January 2018. Tisaby was tasked with investigating allegations that Greitens took an unauthorized photo of a woman with whom he was having an extramarital affair while she was partially nude during a sexual encounter in 2015, one year before he was elected. Greitens also was accused of threatening to share the photo if she exposed their affair.

Tisaby turned himself in on Monday, the same day that an indictment against him was unsealed.

The indictment, which was filed under seal on Friday in St. Louis Circuit Court, alleged that Tisaby lied under oath “about matters which could substantially affect, or did substantially affect, the course or outcome of the Greitens case.”

The indictment said Tisaby denied taking notes while interviewing the hairdresser, even though a recording of the interview -- which he initially said was unwatchable because of an equipment malfunction -- showed him taking notes.

It also said that he claimed he never got notes from the prosecutor’s office before he interviewed the hairdresser, even though a document uncovered during the grand jury proceedings showed that Gardner gave Tisaby her notes from an interview.

Tisaby also was accused of tampering with evidence by allegedly keeping several documents from defense attorneys.

The indictment also said Gardner never tried to correct false statements.

The indictment noted that relying on an outside investigator was “contrary to normal protocol.”

In May 2018, St. Louis prosecutors dropped a felony invasion-of-privacy charge against Greitens, after the judge in the case granted a request by Greitens' attorneys to call Gardner as a witness. At the time, Gardner said she decided to dismiss the case because it put her in the “impossible” position of being a witness in a case she was prosecuting.

Still, Greitens, who also was under investigation over other concerns, resigned last June.[More]

It is frequently the case that blacks in government will abuse their power to target whites, and even Fox News can't say it. I've written about this before.

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