Border Patrol Chief Owens Needs To Go
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The mainstream media (aka the propaganda wing of the Democratic party) must be having some sort of push to pretend like they are concerned about the border. First Chief Owens was on ABC News’s “This Week,” and now he’s down in Eagle Pass, Texas (commonly referred to as Eagle’s Ass by the line Agents) for a “surprise” visit. Yeah right, this is all carefully orchestrated [Border Patrol Chief Makes Surprise Visit to Texas Migrant Crisis Hotspot, by Randy Clark,, September 26, 2023].

While Owens was down there, the Texas National Guard attempted to prevent a large group of illegal aliens from entering onto U.S. soil. After a few hours standoff, the Border Patrol cut through the barbed wire to let the aliens in. Disgusting!

Quoting from the Breitbart article

Addressing the issue of cutting concertina wire to the reporters, Owens said the migrants are already on U.S. soil after landfall at the wire’s edge. “If they start getting swept away by the currents or start succumbing to the environment, the extreme temperatures and humidity that you all feel right now, and my men and women see that, they are not going to let somebody die or get into harm’s way” the chief stated.

If Owens wants to go down that route, why doesn’t he just supply boats to transport them across the river to prevent their drowning? Why doesn’t he drive them into the interior to prevent them from getting dehydrated in the desert?

On one of the message boards for retired Border Patrol Agents, one of the retirees congratulated Owens on getting the Chief BP spot. The writer went on to speculate that Owens would have to do about two years of service under Biden and then be set to lead the Border Patrol when Trump got back into office.

First off, Trump will have to beat the margin of fraud in order to win. A lot of states are giving illegal aliens driver’s licenses and some of those states have motor voter laws. That’s a situation ripe for massive amounts of fraud.

Secondly, if that’s Owens’s cynical calculation of putting his career above the well-being of the American nation, then if Trump does win, Owens should be packing his bags on inauguration day. That man has no business leading an Agency meant to enforce the laws of this nation. On top of it, his firing would show the rest of the Border Patrol that his behavior was unacceptable and that a new attitude is in town.

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