Border Union Tweets Bash Biden—Who Still Plans To Discipline Agents In Whipgate Hoax
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The National Border Patrol Council might be one federal employees’ union that absolutely despises Joe Biden. Its Twitter feed is Biden-Bashing Central, and not for no reason. Biden and his Homeland Security Chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, have done everything they can to overwhelm the border with illegal aliens, then destroy the morale of the agents, not least by castigating them for doing their jobs. The latest thread fusillade of tweets back to June 15 hammers Biden, Mayorkas, Vice President Kamala Harris and Attorney General Merrick Garland. 

Biden and his underlings—the “admin from Hell”—want the agents to fail, the union tweeted:

Biden/Harris want BP agents to fail. They want agents to be jailed, demoralized & fired. This is the Admin from hell.

Border agents know the illegals are here for jobs and free stuff, not “asylum,” contrary to what the Biden Regime would have us believe, and in that sense channel VDARE and others who know Biden’s game:

Cartels making billions. Biden thinks he’s getting future Dem voters. Immigration attorneys thrilled with lucrative employment for years. Open border mob happy. Illegal aliens think they hit the lottery - commit crime - tell lies - get rewarded.

Americans - stuck with the bills.

The union kidney-punched Garland for worrying about war crimes in Ukraine, but not about violent assaults on border agents, and then delivered this:

Another Biden victory. Complete lawlessness along with demoralized and overwhelmed Border Patrol agents. This is what @POTUS, @VP Harris and @SecMayorkas want. Millions more to come as they and the open border mob cheer this disaster on.

So agents don’t believe Brandon’s border policy is “failing” or a matter of “incompetence.”

Retweeting a report from Fox News, the union explained that low morale, anger, and despair among border agents are Brandon’s end game.

“Biden’s revenge,” the union wrote in the first of two tweets on Whipgate:

Must be nice to lie to Americans and then follow up your blatant lies by promising to make the innocent people you’re lying about “pay” for your lies. He’s a real peach.

Though DHS won’t file criminal charges against the mounted agents who did not whip Haitian illegals at the border, it will punish them administratively. They could be fired.

All this, as VDARE has repeatedly said, should lead to Biden’s impeachment and removal from office. But we can always count on the GOP to cut and run. Latest example: Senate Republicans caved on a red-flag gun seizure bill and might join Democrats in pushing through an Amnesty for illegals.

Those two moves might just cost the GOP victory in November’s midterms. If that happens, we might as well throw in the towel.



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