British MP Stabbed By Somali: Why Don't People Listen To Derb?
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A British Member of Parliament, Sir David Amess, was stabbed to death by a Somali fanatic while holding one of his weekly open-door sessions for his constituents.

That got a roll of the eyes from me. Ten years ago at Taki's Magazine I published the definitive column on Somalis, with examples from all over the Anglosphere showing what a simply terrible idea it is to admit them into our countries in any but very small numbers. Why don't people listen?

Sample from that column, quote:

Any population has a lot of variation, and I have no doubt there are many law-abiding and industrious Somalis. When you take in 4,000, or 16,000, or 100,000, though, the law of averages is going to kick in — as of course it kicks in unmistakably in Somalia itself. Human-capital-wise, the Somali averages are simply terrible.

There was a touch of irony to this story. It's probably bad taste to notice it, but hey, you don't come to for flawless good taste, so I'll share this with you: Sir David, of the so-called Conservative Party over there, was an enthusiastic supporter of Black Lives Matter.

What's that? You want more bad taste commentary? I got more.

Over there in Britain, a Member of Parliament's weekly open-door sessions for constituents are called "surgeries," by analogy with the early years of Britain's National Health Service, when you could walk into a doctor's office and usually get attended to right away.

Those days—which I remember from my childhood over there—are long gone. In today's National Health Service you have to join an eight-month waiting list to see a doctor, and you're lucky if, when you finally get an appointment, he can speak English; but the analogy has stuck anyway.

So Sir David was holding one of his weekly surgeries. Could it be that the Somali guy, whose English was perhaps not very good, looked up the word "surgery" in his English-Somali dictionary, saw that it related to people being cut open with knives, and reacted correspondingly? I only speculate.




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