Camp Of The Saints At The Darien Gap—400k Illegals? A MILLION Illegals? Time To Impeach Biden!
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The United Nations is predicting that 400,000 illegal aliens will cross the Darien Gap between Columbia and Panama, on their way to the United States and the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty. It is more likely that this is an underestimate. Expect a million or more over the next year.

It is hard to fathom that the Biden Regime is planning, as they claim, for this as Title 42 ends. More likely it is not a bug, but a feature of the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesties. Biden and Mayorkas are just lying.

PANAMA CITY (AP) — Two U.N. groups said Thursday that the number of migrants crossing the dangerous Darien Gap between Colombia and Panama could soar to as many as 400,000 this year.

That would represent a huge increase from the 250,000 migrants estimated to have crossed the roadless, jungle-clad route in 2022.

The U.N. agencies for refugees and migration said in a report that nearly 100,000 people may have already made the crossing so far this year, six times more than in the similar period of last year.

If that trend keeps up, it could mean many more migrants seeking to reach the United States through Central America and Mexico.

The groups called it “an unprecedented movement (of people) through the Americas.”

UN: As Many As 400,000 Migrants May Cross Darien Gap In 2023 Associated Press/Yahoo News, April 13, 2023

And it is a feature, not a bug, as the Biden Regime is paying for buses in Columbia to transit to Panama safely.

The Biden Regime plans to release all those 400,000 illegal aliens after they are bused to the border as they are doing now. Only Mexicans get Title 42, everyone else is being released, and the streets of El Paso show it: single men, who are supposed to be removed by Title 42 are being released into the United States.

The Biden Regime has a plan, but it is not to stop the flow, but to parole the illegal aliens into the United States with access to an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and welfare. And with mail-in-voting, it will be 2 million or more voters for Joe Biden.

We know that this is the plan, because something has occurred in the administrative process that has never happened before. Illegal aliens are not getting court dates when released. They are being issued Notices To Report (NTR), an order to appear at an ICE SVU office, which itself has happened before during the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty Children’s Jihad, but with ICE SVU overwhelmed by the two million or more aliens released, the wait time to get an appointment to physically appear at the ICE SVU office is over 10 years to get the Notice To Appear (NTR), the charging document ordering the alien to appear at the Executive Office For Immigration Review (EOIR)! Then the two year wait time for the court date at the EOIR kicks in. So there is basically a minimum of 12 years in the United States for all these illegal aliens.

SAN DIEGO (AP)—U.S. immigration offices have become so overwhelmed with processing migrants for court that some some [sic] asylum-seekers who crossed the border at Mexico may be waiting a decade before they even get a date to see a judge.

The backlog stems from a change made two months after President Joe Biden took office, when Border Patrol agents began now-defunct practice of quickly releasing immigrants on parole. They were given instructions to report to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office at their final destination to be processed for court — work previously done by the Border Patrol.

The change prevented the kind of massive overcrowding of holding cells in 2019, when some migrants stood on toilets for room to breathe. But the cost became evident as ICE officers tasked with issuing court papers couldn’t keep pace.

Offices in some cities are now telling migrants to come back years from now, and the extra work has strained ICE’s capacity for its traditional work of enforcing immigration laws in the U.S. interior.

[Immigrants Waiting 10 Years In US Just To Get A Court Date, by Elliot Spagat, Associated Press/Yahoo News, April 26, 2023]

Feature, not a bug. This is the long-term strategy of the Biden Regime, flood the nation with illegal aliens, making it impossible to deport any significant number of them.

Impeach and arrest Biden!


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