CDC: High School Boys Are Suffering From Epidemics Of Sobriety And Virginity
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The CDC has published its biennial Youth Risk Behavior Survey for 2021. The government asks a whole bunch of high school students a lot of personal questions about sex and drugs and the like. Who knows how honestly they answer, but we now have six data points from 2011 to 2021. In summary, the kids are not alright: High school boys are having less and less fun, while girls are collapsing psychologically.

COVID school shutdowns probably played a sizable role in the recent downturn. I don’t see in this report any evidence they asked about school closures, but somebody could probably go into the data and check the correlation between how long each student’s school was shut and their general happiness.

On the other hand, the general trends since 2011 and especially from 2017-2019 were depressing, so COVID closures probably just came on top of a lot of other trends already making teens unhappier.

First, there’s a virginity epidemic among high school boys, with the percent saying they were virgins increasing from 51% in 2011 to 71% in 2021:

COVID shutdowns of international travel likely cut down on high school boys’ access to their hot girlfriends in Canada.

It’s all part of the Asianification of teens:

High school boys are also suffering from a sobriety epidemic:

Also, while it may not smell like this while walking my dog down the street, high school boys report that they are increasingly unbaked:

In our age of smart phones, social media, and wokeness, high school girls are falling apart:

Also, a majority of teens who self-identify as LGBQ+ report they have suffered poor mental health in the last 30 days:

Thanks goodness our culture is encouraging more and more teens to identify as LGBQ+.

Similarly, 50% of kids who have had any same-sex contact have made a suicide plan in the last year. Obviously, our society hasn’t encouraged homosexuality hard enough.

Seriously, these trends among girls during the Woke Era ought to be alarming:

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