Charlottesville Defendant William Fears Charged For Tiki-Torch March In 2017 Starts Hunger Strike
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Earlier: THE TRUMP INDICTMENT AND UNITE THE RIGHT: Letter From A Charlottesville Jail recently reported that the Antifa-connected circuit court judge Charles Worrell has recused himself from presiding over cases related to the Unite the Right torch march which he personally counterprotested. Though the recusal of Worrell and the other judges who he supervises is welcome news, the persecution of torch march attendees continues. Yet another arrest has been made of a participant in the First Amendment-protected torch march on August 11th, 2017 at the University of Virginia. The indictment for Jamie Ryan Troutman, of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, was unsealed on October 25, 2023. Troutman received bond and is awaiting another hearing in December. 

In a statement posted to social media by a friend, William Henry Fears, who is being held at the Albermarle County Regional Jail while awaiting trial for the torch march, announced that he intends to engage in a hunger strike. The post, which includes a picture of Fears smiling in his jail cell, reads, 

“I, William Fears, being of sound mind and clean conscience, have decided to begin a hunger strike. The protest is in solidarity with all who are being oppressed by the weaponized justice system as well as a continued protest against the desecration of my dead forefathers. My political imprisonment from this time forward will be met with absolute resistance. The prosecution in Albermarle seeks to delegitimize the demonstrations of August 11th by insisting it was something other than protected speech. The ideologically Anti-White use their positions of power to make criminal the very act of white people advocating their own existence. This is unacceptable. Being white is not a crime and advocacy of our existence is not an act of oppression against any other race or group, no matter what the true oppressors would have us believe…I would rather die than allow this force to continue.” 

Fears says that he will be unable to communicate to provide updates for the duration of the strike. His jury trial for the felony torch march charge is scheduled for December 18, 2023.

Even Unite the Right attendees accused of no crimes are still, more than six years after attending the permitted event, being hounded by activists as they attempt to live normal and productive lives. Most recently, controversy erupted in the city of Enid, Oklahoma when councilman Judd Blevins’ attendance at Unite the Right became known. Because Blevins refused to renounce “hate” groups and issue a broad apology, the city’s “Social Justice Committee” has initiated a petition to recall Blevins. During a heated council meeting, Blevins stated, “I want to make it clear; I am a different man today than I was yesterday and there is no hate in my heart. All there is the desire to serve the Lord. I am not going to apologize for things I never was and I’m not going to apologize for the lies that others tell. “


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