CIS Report on H1-Bs—They're Not "The Best And Brightest"
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Dr. Norm Matloff has authored a report for the Center For Immigration Studies titled H-1Bs: Still Not the Best and the Brightest May 2008 , [PDF] He analyzes the quality of imported tech workers and concludes

The lobbyists know that crying educational doom-and-gloom sells. Even though it was mainly ”Johnnie,” rather than Arvind or Qing-Ling, who originally developed the computer industry, and even though all major East Asian governments have lamented their educational systems’ stifling of creativity, the lobbyists have convinced Congress that the industry needs foreign workers from Asia in order to innovate.

The facts show otherwise. Most foreign tech workers, particularly those from Asia, are in fact not ”the best and the brightest.” This is true both overall and in the key tech occupations, and most importantly, in the firms most stridently demanding that Congress admit more foreign workers. Expansion of the guest worker programs – both H-1B visas and green cards – is unwarranted.

The companies that import foreign tech workers don't want them because they're the best and brightest—they want them because they're the cheapest.

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