Cliff Notes Assimilation for Somalis
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The government is still importing Somalis by the thousands, in another example of extreme diversity being foisted on the American people. You couldn't choose a worse group to move to America, except maybe headhunters from the South Pacific.

Somali assimilation class
Somalis are primitive tribal people who need to be taught how to use doorknobs and lightswitches. They don't speak English and have little or no education. They are Muslims, whose cultural norms include polygamy, wife-beating and female genital mutilation. (According to the World Health Organization, 98 percent of Somalis practice FGM, a crime in this country.)

These cultural differences were discussed openly in a recent assimilation class in Kenya, and attitudes are clear [All About America in 3 Days, Los Angeles Times 9/12/06].

Coming from a country without government or law, the idea that help is only a phone call away amazed Yussuf, whose parents were killed and who is traveling to the U.S. alone. "So if anyone bothers me, I just call 911 and the police come and beat them?" she asked. "Life must be very easy."

Immigrants also heard about U.S. laws. Beating your wife and children is illegal, they were told, and so is chewing khat, the leafy amphetamine-like stimulant popular in Somalia. Performing genital excision on young girls is prohibited.

"If I can't beat my wife, how will she know that I love her?" Abrone asked, seated next to his silent teenage bride.

Monogamy was equally unpopular with some men, who said their religion permitted four wives. But Kassim shut down the debate. "It doesn't matter," he told them. "In the U.S. you'll barely be able to afford one wife, anyway."

Of course, if refugees could adjust easily into increasingly complicated modern life, then they wouldn't need the assistance of well paid "experts" from the Refugee Industrial Complex helping them get settled. So groups like the churches clamor for "diverse" refugees to keep a place at the resettlement gravy train.

In this case, some of the refugees are from Mogadishu, so it would not be impossible that some were part of the militias that killed 18 American soldiers in the infamous Blackhawk down incident during the 1993 relief operation that went terribly awry.

Furthermore, the article notes briefly that suicide is a problem among Somali refugees, due to various sorts of culture shock. For many Somalis, life in America is not a happy experience.

Rather than wasting piles of taxpayer money we don't have on refugees we don't want, it would be kinder to all concerned if the refugees were resettled in Africa where the cultures are similar.

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