College Students Oppose Affirmative Action—But Don't Know Why It's Being Done
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From the New York Times:

These 12 College Students Don’t Like the System They’re In

For those Americans who assume that college students today are left-wing activists who aren’t in touch with the real world, our latest focus group will be especially eye-opening. Rarely have we been as surprised by a focus group as when we asked this racially and socioeconomically diverse group of 12 students whether they supported affirmative action in college admissions. Just one person said yes. Minority students in the focus groups said they don’t want others to assume they are on campus only because of affirmative action. “It creates your identity for you,” one Black participant said.

It’s striking how much of a secret it is in modern America that affirmative action is mathematically necessary to achieve the levels of diversity that Nice White People think are morally mandatory. Pollsters seldom if ever ask this question, so I can’t prove that most Americans are ignorant of the fact that African Americans are not intelligent enough on average to be terribly competitive in quantitative terms in cognitively elite institutions and careers, but it sure seems like few Americans are cognizant of the cognitive realities.

The one set of people who seem to be uniformly aware of the numbers are liberal college presidents. I wonder if when they make you president of an Ivy League college, is there a National Treasure: Book of Secrets moment where they unlock the drawer in the president's desk and pull out the college’s top-secret copy of The Bell Curve with the special added customized chapter about how few blacks would get into your school without racial quotas?

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