Confused Anti-Semitic Muslim Terrorist Attacks Black Hebrew Israelite Facility
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From in Indianapolis:

INDIANAPOLIS — IMPD officers arrested a woman, who police labeled a “terrorist,” after she drove her car into a building in what she described as a planned attack on the Israelite School of Universal and Practical Knowledge.

Ruba Almaghtheh, 34, was arrested on a preliminary charge of intimidation which is a level 5 felony if the threat is to commit terrorism. …

Almaghtheh told officers she was watching news coverage of the Israel-Hamas war on television and decided to plan an attack on the building because she was offended by the “Hebrew Israelite” symbol on the front of the building.

However, the Anti-Defamation League defines the Israelite School of Universal and Practical Knowledge as an “extreme and antisemitic” sect of the Black Hebrew Israelites. The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated the Black Hebrew Israelites as a hate group. 

In a statement released Sunday night, the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis reported that Safe Indiana, a Jewish community security program, was immediately notified of the incident. Safe Indiana is working alongside law enforcement to investigate the incident.

“Safety and security for our community is of the utmost importance, and we are more secure and prepared than ever before,” Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis officials wrote in a press release. “Although a Jewish facility was not targeted, solely due to ironic misidentification, this is yet another reminder to maintain security protocols, remain vigilant of suspicious activity and to (report promptly) to the appropriate authorities.”

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