Could This Clown Eric Fehrnstrom Be Responsible For Romney's Amnesty Ineptitude?
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Ever since the extreme flat-footedness and ineptitude of the Romney response to President Obama’s Administrative Amnesty Coup d’état became apparent, we at have been genuinely puzzled. Why did the Campaign not take shelter in condemning the extremely serious abuse of the Constitution involved?  A  Constitution which a lot of Americans sincerely revere?
The answer seems to have emerged today: Eric Fehrnstrom, Romney’s “senior advisor on press strategy and message” is probably quite dumb and is certainly out of his depth:

Tea Party Nation's Judson Phillips said Thursday's Supreme Court ruling upholding health care reform offered Mr. Romney an opening with anti-tax advocates and the middle class — an opening that was squandered by Romney advisor Eric Fehrnstrom's comments Monday that the former Massachusetts governor disagrees with the contention that the law is actually a huge tax increase.

"We did not like Obamacare to start with and now that the Supreme Court has called it a tax, it gave Romney the room to run straight for a touchdown," Mr. Phillips wrote on the group's blog. "What kind of idiots are running the Romney campaign? Instead of spiking the football and winning, the Romney campaign has just turned over the ball."

Tea party leader criticizes Romney campaign: 'Is it too late to switch?'  by Seth McLaughlin The Washington Times July 2, 2012

Fehrnstrom was the perpetrator of the “Etch a Sketch” disaster.

A 1984 Boston University graduate, Fehrnstrom is too young to remember or have been seasoned by the bitter Reagan Wars of the 1970s. And as an inhabitant of the Massachusetts political Gulag his social viability – even economic survival - will have depended on being a “Trusty” for the Left. Hence perhaps the compulsive yielding of key polemical ground.

Romney has famously said he likes being able to fire people. Here is a excellent chance to prove he has the qualities needed of a Chief Executive. Before this fool (and no doubt numerous peers on the staff) cost him the election.

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