Cringe: ICE Brings Out The Diversity Hires, Then Shows Men Doing All The Work
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So, it’s International Women’s Month, following Black History Month, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is going all in on women in law enforcement, the girls can do everything a man can, and even more! And the women in ICE are diverse, strong black women, strong Hispanic women, strong mysterious women of some color, and even a blonde thrown in for good measure. We even get them playing dress up in the cop version of battle rattle, bullet proof vests, ICE logos, badge on belt, hands provocatively on hips, and lots of make-up, lots of make-up.

Now, lest you accuse me off sexism, let’s talk women in law enforcement in general, and in immigration enforcement in particular. Generally, women have little or no place in law enforcement.

In the most demanding parts of law enforcement, making arrests, they are generally worse than useless; the internet is filled with obese women cops failing to physically control or subdue suspects, while their male partners are fighting for their lives trying to make an arrest. However, having worked most of my career as a plainclothes investigator, a Special Agent in the Federal service, women are good investigators and can succeed at that job. I have worked with many female Special Agents, some have been a bit butch and are like one of the guys, others earthy married women who take no guff. But I can tell a few stories about women in law enforcement.

One time I was working with a female FBI agent. We had an arrest warrant for a man with a long criminal record who was wanted for stealing tens of thousands of dollars from a government program. We had two teams set up on his last known place of residence. Then we got a call he might be somewhere, so we left one team to sit on the first place, and she and I went to the second address. When we got there, she asked “What are we going to do if he’s there?” I replied, “We’re going to arrest him.” That did not sit well with her. She was a good investigator, but skittish on the physical aspect of making arrests. And rightly so, she was a woman, shorter and weaker than the guy we were going to arrest, and she was afraid she might get hurt.

That is a fact of life in law enforcement: women are generally not up to the physical aspects of the job. Women have their place, but in the end, they don’t like to do the hard stuff. And this is not to denigrate their skills. While at the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), I worked with a female Inspector who had the interviewing skills and doggedness to break the lies of the most devious Chinese immigration fraudster. She was intelligent, had the language and cultural skills to break apart all the lies a Chinese fraudster could make. Kudos to her, however she would have been useless in any physical confrontation. That is the reality.

This brings us to ICE; they are on a women kick again now that it is International Women’s Month. And the ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) component wants more women. Note, generally when I refer to ICE SVU, that reference is to the other component of ICE, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), which refuses to do immigration enforcement, while ICE ERO has only immigration enforcement responsibilities. Something both ICE components don’t like is that their corps of agents and officers are predominately men, overwhelmingly White and Hispanic, very few blacks, but more Asians than blacks. That is an affront to the headquarters bureaucrats, as I have written about before: ICESVU Hates Men, Especially White Men, March 18, 2020.

To emphasize my point about women and making arrests, ICE released their International Women’s Month video and it is bad, very bad. Interspaced with women Deportation Officers telling us how much they like helping people, we get stock footage of strong black women.

ICE ERO Bunny Talking The Talk, But Not Walking The Walk 

But we also get jump cuts of ICE ERO Deportation Officers in the field making arrests of illegal aliens. And all those Deportation Officers actually making physical arrests are White and Hispanic men. Such a contrast, men do, women talk about doing, at least when the chance of death and injury are involved, as they are when arresting illegal aliens.

In the end, there need to be female Deportation Officers, but only because women get arrested as well, and it is better than women search female arrestees. Otherwise, making arrests is a man’s world, as it should be.

But since ICE isn’t making any arrests for the most part, perhaps replacing men with women is part of the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty. The next administration won’t be able to ramp up arrests because the new cadre of women officers and agents will be too afraid to make arrests.

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