Del Rio Sector Border Chief’s Weekend Tally: 3K+ Illegals Caught; 1.6K+ Get Away
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Border agents faced with the Camp-of-the-Saints invasion at the border with Mexico are demoralized. And here we see almost 5,000 reasons, courtesy of Del Rio Border Sector’s chief, Jason Owens:

Del Rio Sector Weekend Recap

Apprehensions: 3,133 

  • Gotaways: 1,614
  • Rescues: 11
  • Deaths: 4
  • 29 smuggling vehicle loads intercepted

This can’t go on. And it won’t, if what a source inside U.S. Customs and Border Protection told me in April.

CBP had just completed “resiliency training” to “re-educate” agents into accepting Let’s Go Brandon’s refusal to enforce immigration law and his invitation to the Third World to invade the country. The training was meant to stop a “mass exodus” from the agency.

Agents are leaving CBP, the source said, because they can’t do their jobs; i.e., stopping illegal aliens from entering the country. Instead, they’re a concierge service that “processes” illegals, then releases them, to continue The Great Replacement

If 50 percent of CBP personnel quit or retire because of Brandon, as the source warned, what Owens reported won’t go on. It will worsen. The numbers in his report might well be reversed: 3,133 or more gotaways and 1,614 or fewer apprehensions.

Here’s what Owens released on May 17:

DRT Rewind: This past weekend, Del Rio Sector agents encountered:

  • 2,849 migrants
  • 67 Unaccompanied children
  • 608 Family units
  • 29 Smuggling loads intercepted
  • 7 Rescues
  • 5 Large groups of 100+

Question is, what will Brandon do if the Border Patrol collapses?

Answer: Celebrate. The Great Replacement of the Historic American Nation will be that much easier.

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