Democrats Support Illegal Alien Voting Both Implicitly And Explicitly
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Earlier: 10% To 27% of 30 Million Non-Citizens Are Registered To Vote and Non-Citizens Registered To Vote, And The Law Makes It HARD To Remove Them From Voter Rolls

Once again, The Federalist is doing a good job documenting election fraud.

As Fox News reported, U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., wrote a full-throated defense of “Alien Suffrage” in a 1993 paper for the American University Washington College of Law, where he serves as Professor of Law Emeritus. Raskin is ranking member of the House’s Oversight Committee, which, among other things, has constitutional oversight of the District of Columbia. 

“In this Article, I will argue that the current blanket exclusion of noncitizens from the ballot is neither constitutionally required nor historically normal,” Raskin wrote. “Moreover, the disenfranchisement of aliens at the local level is vulnerable to deep theoretical objections since resident aliens—who are governed, taxed, and often drafted just like citizens—have a strong democratic claim to being considered members, indeed citizens, of their local communities.”

Yes, Democrats Want Aliens To Vote In U.S. Elections. Take Jamie Raskin’s Word For It, by M.D. Kittle, May 24, 2024


Under the theory that people will write down what their intentions are beforehand, it’s no surprise that the Democrats and their media allies are conspiring to get aliens (legal or not) to vote. Raskin is making it plain.

The Federalist goes on:

Not surprisingly, Raskin was among 143 Democrats voting against the Republican-led bill blocking illegal immigrants and other foreign nationals from voting in elections in the district, over which Congress has ultimate authority. 

Likewise, The Federalist is reporting that AP Admits Noncitizens Vote In U.S. Elections While Insisting It’s No Big Deal. Yep, more of the “It’s not happening and it’s good that it is.”

In a hit piece skeptical of the Republican-led Safeguarding American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act, which would require proof of citizenship to register to vote, the Associated Press (AP) acknowledged that foreign nationals have been caught “illegally registering and even casting ballots.” But that fact doesn’t stop Democrats and their media allies from opposing safeguards like the SAVE Act that threaten the advantages Democrats gain from loose election laws.

There was a theory that democracy came about because the side who had the most soldiers or warriors in a battle was more likely to win. Hence, if they put it to a vote, the side who had the most warriors was considered the winner without having to shed blood. It was also one of the reasons voting was a male-only endeavor under this theory.

I was trying to find evidence online backing this theory, but I was unable to do so. However, I stumbled across a different article of interest titled, “Why did women lose the vote?: The Backlash,” Museum of the American Revolution:

“In November 1807, the New Jersey State Legislature stripped the vote from women, people of color, and recent immigrants.”

Ann Coulter has previously joked that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Apparently, at least one state used to agree with her.

In any case, I can fantasize what it would look like if only white men were allowed to vote in U.S. elections..

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