DeSantis Declares Emergency Over Illegal-Alien Boat Landings, But Says Nothing About Deporting Them
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In declaring a state of emergency because illegal aliens are invading Florida in small boats, Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis reported that 8,042 have landed since August, about 345 of them on January 1 at Dry Tortugas and January 5 at Key West.

DeSantis activated the state’s National Guard and triggered its Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, and directed state agencies to “suspend the effect of any statute, rule, or order that would in any way prevent, hinder, or delay any mitigation, response, or recovery action necessary to cope with this emergency.”

As well:

Each state agency may suspend the provisions of any regulatory statute prescribing the procedures for conduct of state business or the orders or rules of that if strict compliance with the provisions of any such statute, order, or rule would in any way prevent, hinder, or delay necessary action in coping with the emergency.

[Office of the Governor Executive Order Number 23-03 (Emergency Management - Illegal Migration),, January 6, 2023]

That’s fine as far as it goes. The problem: The words “remove,” “removal,” “deport,” and “deportation” do not appear in the order.

Besides that, it does not explain what will happen to invaders whom state officials encounter or apprehend. Presumably, they will be turned over to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which will, mostly likely, release them.

The right move was to order the National Guard to deport the illegals and return them from whence they came. DeSantis authorized whatever expenditures are needed, after all, to handle the emergency. Summary deportation would not only discourage the invasion but also push forward the secession movement by provoking a reaction from the Biden Regime.

So the only thing DeSantis really did was authorize the expenditure of tax dollars to help Traitor Joe Biden continue The Great Replacement.

As for DeSantis’ figures, 8,042 illegals arrived by boat. Data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection show that its agents in Florida encountered 13,625 illegals from October 1 through November 30, the first two months of fiscal 2023. Since August, to use DeSantis’ timeline, the figure is 20,109. Total for fiscal 2022: 35,349.

About half the illegals, 6,303, encountered this fiscal year are Cubans, Haitians, or Venezuelans.

The takeaway here is that DeSantis did not include language to do the only thing that will stop the invasion: deport the illegals back to the countries from which they came. Turning them over to CBP, again, almost certainly means they will be released.

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