Does Romney Direct Mail Prodigality Prove Campaign Consultants In Control?
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A neighbor of mine is a legal Resident Alien of many years standing. Not being a citizen or a Democrat, he is not registered to vote and therefore has no declared party affiliation. Neither, he tells me, does he subscribe to any political publications and he has no record of campaign contributions. Yet several times a month he gets Romney direct mail shots asking for money.

Somewhere recently I saw a posting by a prominent show-business Democrat (Norman Lear?) complaining he is getting these things too.

What is happened is obvious: Romney’s poorly supervised Direct Mail campaign consultants are busily burning through as much money as possible, which maximizes their fees.

Peter Brimelow has suggested that the reckless Paul Ryan decision was donor-driven; and there is evidence this was the case with the Chick-fil-A wimp out. Increasingly it looks as if the Romney campaign is being run by and for parasitic  Conservatism Inc Consultants.

Any business executive has to guard against being looted by self-serving purveyors of professional services, with the legal profession of course in the lead. Doubly so in politics

Yet Romney it seems is being taken to the cleaners. Looks like The Irish Savant is on the right track.

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