Dreaming Of Enchiladas In Paris
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A recent "migration" conclave in El Paso was a perfect opportunity for open-borders Catholic priests to strut their stuff and sound off about "reform." But that word has undergone something of a reversal in meaning when preceded by "immigration, " and the Binational Migration Conference was no exception: Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, D.C., shamelessly promoted an amnesty for the millions of Hispanic illegal aliens who are filling the Catholic Church.

"The church in the United States is very, very Hispanic and what a blessing that is. They (Hispanic immigrants) come with the values that are so needed in the United States today. When there is a moral issue that concerns so many of our people, we have to speak," McCarrick said, alternating between English and Spanish. "This is a special moment in the history of the Catholic church and the history of migration." [Immigration reform church goal, cardinal says ]

It's the height of arrogance for the Church to say that the United States needs "values" from lawbreaking illegal aliens who come to steal American jobs using fraudulent identification and fake Social Security numbers. The Vaticrats continue to have a deaf ear and short attention span in this country: it was American courts and the press which finally revealed the ongoing priest pedophilia, which the holier-than-thou Catholic Church had covered up for decades.

In fact, the issue is market share, not the "moral concerns" mouthed by McCarrick. Catholic leadership wants more Hispanics to fill the pews emptied by American Catholics: since 1960 Hispanics have accounted for 71 percent of the growth in the U.S. Catholic Church. In Europe, however, it's a different story because most immigrants are Muslim, and in Italy, Cardinal Biffi has recommended that Catholic immigrants be given preference, in order to protect Italy's national identity.

Say, millions of Mexicans are hot to leave their homeland for "a better life and Europe would prefer Christian immigrants over unfriendly Muslim ones 151 why doesn't the UN or some billionaire open-borders crusader like George Soros create a migrant program that would be a win-win? Surely Parisians would love to smell the enchiladas of increased diversity there.

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