Elon Musk Posts On Immigration And The Electoral College As VDARE.com Has Been Doing For Amost 25 Years
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Elon Musk has been Tweeting a lot about immigration. Like Peter Brimelow, he’s an immigrant himself, from South Africa, so he understands about immigration and doesn’t romanticize it.

One thing he’s been Tweeting about is the effect of even illegal immigrants on the Electoral College. Electoral College votes are distributed by population, and population, as currently interpreted by the Census, includes everyone present in the country, including immigrants both legal and illegal.

This is true, and it’s something we’ve been saying for years. One of the earliest things I wrote for VDARE.com was called ”Immigration’s Rotten Borough Dynamic...” [February 23, 2001] in which I pointed out that according to Fred Siegel’s book The Future Once Happened Here, in Los Angeles, where between 40 and 50 percent of the population is foreign born, the small percentage of the population who are actually citizens control the vote.

(In 19th century England, a rotten borough was ”a borough that was able to elect a representative to Parliament though having very few voters, the choice of representative typically being in the hands of one person or family.”)

This means that while a recent immigrant from El Salvador would like to send his children to a school where they can learn English, he doesn’t get a vote. A Mexican-American schoolteacher would like to keep her bilingual education job, which will actually have the effect of keeping the Salvadorean’s children in poverty.

But the schoolteacher will be able to send her kids to private school.

And more to the current point, California, whose population is 13 percent non-citizen, has 52 Representatives in Congress. It would only have 45 if only Americans were counted—which would make it easier for Republicans to win elections.


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