Everything Is Racist: A VDARE.com Retrospective
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Ed Driscoll at Instapundit has this:


Woke Crazy: Whites Who Drink Coffee Are Racists.

Is the word ‘picnic’ racist? How to deal with questions about language right now.

L.A. Times: driving your car is racist.

Are helicopters racist? The LA Times thinks so.

UPDATE: Here’s a hilarious thread of 28 everyday things that have now been labeled racist.

(Updated and bumped.)

I remember doing this years ago, when the Southern Poverty Law Center called us racist, it was in fact twenty-two years ago, May of 2001:.

Some of you may wonder how to avoid being called racist. It can’t be done. ”Be thou as chaste as ice, as pure as snow, thou shalt not escape calumny.” as Hamlet told Ophelia., who committed suicide on the strength of it. Admittedly, Sam Francis and Jared Taylor aren’t trying very hard to be nice, unlike, say, Roy Beck, who is nice (not that it does him any good).

But no amount of backing and filling, surrendering, apologizing, or groveling will allow you to escape this accusation. Neither will suicide.

Here’s a short list of people and organizations who’ve been called racist, in spite of flaming liberalism:

  1. Rudy Giuliani, the liberal Republican Mayor of New York. There’s a whole site devoted to this.
  2. Terry McAuliffe, Democratic National Committee chairthing. (He said ”colored people” when he should have said ”people of color”. But the NAACP forgave him.)
  3. Bill Clinton, by Kimberley Wilson, an African-American woman, and also by Christopher Hitchens.
  4. Nadine Gordimer, the anti-apartheid South African novelist.
  5. Art Spiegelman, the cartoonist, accusing both himself and his four and a half year old son.
  6. Hillary Clinton. She, like Giuliani, supported the Clinton Administration’s ”putatively tough and essentially racist initiatives on criminal justice.”
  7. Frosty the Snowman. I wish I could make these things up; I’d make a lot of money selling them to comedians.
  8. Abraham Lincoln.
  9. The entire YMCA.
  10. The USDA. They recommend two servings of milk a day, and ”lactose intolerance” is mostly a non-white problem.
  11. And one non-European racist: Mahatma Gandhi.

Ann Coulter’s book Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama. had a similar list of things that are racist. When Alexander Hart reviewed her book here, he said

Many in the Dissident Right/ Right Opposition have criticized Ann Coulter as the epitome of the cable news partisanship. However, next to Pat Buchanan, she probably speaks more taboo truths than anyone else with Main Stream Media [MSM] access.

Coulter calls for cuts in legal immigration, ending birthright citizenship, speaks frankly about the Bell Curve, defends groups like the Council of Conservative Citizens (with some qualifications), and even quotes VDARE.com and Peter Brimelow .

So I was excited when I heard of her latest book,

But, as she began promoting it, the controversy seemed to be limited to her attacking liberals and the Democrats for racism and indifference to blacks.

So I got worried that the book would be more partisan Jonah Goldberg-type “Democrats-are-the-real-racists, Martin Luther King-is-a-conservative” platitudes than an actual, much-needed indictment of racial demagoguery.

Fortunately, however, the vast bulk of Coulter’s book focuses on exposing liberal and black hysteria and lies about race.

If nothing else, Coulter is great at turning a phrase. She opens the book:

The Democrats’ slogan during the Bush years was: ‘Dissent is patriotic.’ Under Obama, it’s: ‘Dissent is racist.’

Her book contains scores of similarly spot-on one-liners.

Coulter notes several actions that now inspire accusations of racism in the Age of Obama:

(The last charge, she notes, was inspired by Donald Trump referring to “the blacks.”)

The Ann Coulter list in Mugged has about twenty items, and footnotes, but it’s all one thing—anything a white person says about a black can be called racist.

If you’re a Republican who wants to appear ”non-racist” by being soft on crime, in favor of Amnesty, and condemning people like us here at VDARE.com, or Ann Coulter, or Scott Adams, just stop it, it won’t work, and may in fact imperil your reelection.


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