Fake Impeachment, Fake Indictment
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Kevin McCarthy’s intention to impeach President Biden for corruption strikes me as pointless. His party has a majority of four in the House; in the Senate they’re in a minority, 49 to 51.

So there are two hurdles to be jumped for anything effective to happen—I mean, for Biden to be impeached and convicted: one, get the full House to vote impeachment; then two, get all the Senate Republicans to vote for conviction, plus eighteen or more Democratic Senators. (You need a two-thirds majority—67 Senators—to remove a President from office.) The first hurdle there is jumpable, the second not.

And what is a House impeachment inquiry going to inquire about that isn’t already being inquired about by (a) Rep. James Comer’s Oversight Committee and (b) Rep. Jim Jordan’s Judiciary Committee?

So I think this comes under the heading Gesture Politics. Even if you allow that the Biden family is a nest of crooks, which I certainly do allow, there are better things to impeach the President for.

Most obviously, and of much greater benefit to the national welfare, he could be impeached for violating his Oath of Office by failing to ensure that the people’s laws on immigration and settlement are faithfully executed. That’s why you’re called "Chief Executive," Joe.

VDARE.com editor Peter Brimelow made the case for that on Wednesday. The Boss also pointed out the probable reason why Kevin McCarthy prefers a charge of corruption rather than one of treason on our nation’s borders: McCarthy is a RINO, a Uniparty shill, taking his instructions from the cheap labor lobbies who still own most of the Congressional GOP.

In last week’s podcast, under the inspiration of political scientist Francis Fukuyama, I commented on the accelerating failure of Congress to do the job assigned to it by our Constitution. Congress has always been an arena for political games, of course; but it has serious Constitutional obligations to fulfill, obligations that should, at least some of the time, preferably most of the time, put the national interest ahead of petty political triumphs.

One index of this accelerating congressional failure has been presidential impeachments. There have been four in our nation’s history: of Andrew Johnson in 1868, Bill Clinton in 1998, Donald Trump in 2020, and Donald Trump again in 2021. The gaps between those presidential impeachments were, in years: 130, 22, and 1.

Accelerating? Oh yeah. If the congresscritters have their way, presidential impeachment will soon be a weekly event.

If the impeachment inquiry is fake, the indictment of Hunter Biden is even faker. The bringer of this indictment is Special Counsel David Weiss, a glove puppet for People’s Commissar Merrick Garland.

As my Friday New York Post points out under the memorable headlineJunkie liar charged with 3 felonies:

That’s one of about a dozen crimes that Hunter Biden’s committed, and ironically that’s the one crime that he committed that you cannot tie Joe Biden into.

I should note that, one, the Post was quoting House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer; and two, that the headline I gave you there is from the print edition of the newspaper, targeted at Noo Yawkers. The online headline, aimed at a wider readership, is more genteel: Hunter Biden indicted over lies about drug addiction while buying gun.

Lemme tell youse: dese Noo Yawk joynalists know dere biznus.

The Post has another good quote on this, from Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida:

Getting Hunter on the gun charge is like getting Jeffrey Dahmer on littering.
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