Flight From White In The Chicago Police Department
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From WGN TV in Chicago:

Chicago officer sues city over inability to change ethnicity in personal files: Court docs

by: Neshmia Malik

Posted: Feb 28, 2024 / 05:52 PM CST

CHICAGO — A Chicago Police officer is suing the city alleging he was not able to change his race to accurately reflect his identity, after 20 years of “incorrect racial designation,” court documents state.

Officer Mohammad Yusuf, 43, alleges that the Chicago Police Department did not allow him to change his racial identity now that the CPD allows additional racial identifications to choose from.

The lawsuit states that when Yusuf became an officer in 2004, there were four racial categories that an officer could choose from, so he selected Caucasian. Now, CPD allows officers to select from over nine different racial designations, the documents state.

What it sounds like is that the Chicago Police Department has recently added the Middle Eastern & North African racial category that the Biden Administration is pushing, so this guy wants in for the DEI benefits.

According to the court filing, Yusuf filed a claim to change his ethnicity since he identifies as Egyptian or North African but was rejected due to a “blanket prohibition” that CPD has that does not allow changing an officer’s race in its records.

Yusuf claims in the court documents that he was required to take a 23 and Me test to confirm his race. He says he was still denied the alteration even after providing a biological test.

The court filing alleges that in 2019, Yusuf scored in the first promotional tier yet was not promoted. The lawsuit claims that there have been over 75 merit promotions to Sergeant and less than five of those candidates identify as Caucasian.

“Despite Yusuf’s exemplary qualifications and the purported race-neutral policy of the Merit System, Yusuf has been repeated bypassed for promotion in favor of less qualified candidates based on their race,” the document stated.

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