Florida Illegals Can’t Get Driver’s Licenses, But They CAN Register Their Vehicles... With The Help Of The Mexican Consulate
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There’s a story on HotAir that says Loophole: Mexico Facilitating Illegals Getting Legal Plates and Registrations on Vehicles in Florida.

It’s not just Florida where this is happening. I encountered this before out of Ohio. In Ohio what they were doing was to register their vehicles in a company name. Now, the owner of the company (often in landscaping or drywall) would be an illegal alien and unable to get a driver’s license, but nothing said that he couldn’t register a vehicle despite not being in the country legally. Florida may have passed some tough measures against illegal aliens that does things like preventing them from getting driver’s licenses, but nothing says they cannot register their vehicles in their own names. So, they are doing that—with the help and encouragement of the Mexican Consulate.

I spent a lot of time running license plates when I was on the job, so, this is actually a useful tool in identifying illegal aliens.

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