For Hillary: Twenty Questions On Immigration
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We're not always on the same page as the folks at Center for Immigration Studies, but this post of theirs is, as Pat Buchanan would say, right down the smokestack.
More than a year into her campaign, the only tough immigration-related questions Hillary Clinton has had to face have come from the left. For the most part, she's been able to get by spinning platitudes about stopping deportations, opposing Trump's wall, and promising to bring "millions of workers out of the shadows" (easily the most hackneyed catchphrase of the 21st Century). She hasn't held a press conference in more than 200 days, and will likely get softballs at the upcoming debates, but here's hoping someone (anyone!) will ask her these questions . . . [Twenty Immigration Questions Hillary Clinton Should Answer (But Probably Won't Have To) by David Seminara; Center for Immigration Studies, June 27th 2016.]
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