Froma Harrop: Excessive Immigration/STEM Visas Harm Skilled Workers Too
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Very cute. But does America really NEED them? (H/T Green Card Lottery)

I mention in One Old Vet Daily Amnesty News Summary: 30 Stories. (Drudge 0) that I particularly liked being informed of Immigration amnesty shortchanges American workers By Froma Harrop The Columbus Dispatch Friday, February 1, 2013

The impressive thing about this piece was Harrop was willing to query the envisaged attack on the living standards of skilled workers so beloved of Congressional Republicans:

The Senate plan would redesign the immigration program to favor workers with needed skills... but even at the top of the skill chart, we still have a domestic work force to protect.

Educated workers have been displaced by immigrants coming through the H-1B visa program for foreign tech workers. Ron Hira, a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology, complained to Computerworld that the Senate plan “greatly expands a deeply flawed guest worker program that takes away job opportunities from American workers and undercuts their wages.”

This lust to beat down skilled labor’s incomes by importing foreigners spans both parties, as Mark Krikorian, Norm Matloff and others have complained.

It is nice to see Froma Harrop back on this circuit. She has been deploring the impact of excessive immigration for a long time and has done excellent work, but in recent years had given the impression of wavering. Indeed a purist will see  retreat routes built into the present piece.

Nevertheless she is on the right side. Applaud Froma Harrop.

I liked the Columbus Dispatch comment thread posting by “Robert Moffett”

President Eisenhower made self deportation work. 3 Million self deported. But to make self deportation work, or so we are told in the press, he had to do a very divisive, hateful ,nativist, xenophobic, bigoted, white supremacist, racist, angry old white man thing............which was........ to enforce our immigration laws. Join Numbersusa and read vDare every day.

Emphasis added—and thanks!

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