Fully Vetted Illegal Aliens? There Is No Such Thing
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The open borders advocates like to boast that their program of amnesty and unlimited immigration is sound because it brings everyone out of the shadows, enabling the government to “fully vet” illegal alien aliens coming to or already in the United States. To most Americans this means a “background check,” which has a real meaning in Federal law, at least in regards to employees, and an implicit meaning to the public that an alien who has been given amnesty, an Immigrant Visa (IV), is released after arrest, or is given any other immigration benefit, has been as thoroughly checked for criminal history, terrorist ties, and good moral character as a Federal employee who is hired after a background investigation and given a security clearance.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and, yet again, current events have proven otherwise. We learned that a group of illegal aliens from Tajikistan have connections to the terrorist group ISIS-K, itself a likely Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) creation or supported as part a misguided and failed effort to support a competitor to the Taliban in Afghanistan, entered the United States, including by using the Biden Regime Amnesty App, CBP One. ISIS-K later went on to murder American Marines and sailors during the evacuation from Afghanistan. [Islamic State-Khorasan: Global Jihad’s New Front, by Krzysztof Strachota, OSW, March 29, 2024]. Now ISIS-K is being supported by the Jewish-Cuban unindicted visa fraudster Alejandro Mayorkas and given carte blanche to roam America, bringing eventual death and destruction.

Eight Tajikistan nationals with ties to ISIS were busted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Joint Terrorism Task Force in three major cities, a federal source confirmed to Fox News.

The arrests took place in New York City, Los Angeles and Philadelphia in recent days, according to the source.

All eight Tajikistan nationals crossed the U.S. southern border illegally, and according to a federal source familiar with the sting, no derogatory information was initially flagged with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) or with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) during processing.

The suspected terrorists were “fully vetted” and nothing was flagged, according to Fox News’ federal source.

Authorities Nab 8 Suspected Terrorists With Ties To ISIS In Multi-City Sting Operation, by Stephany Price and Bill Melugin, Fox News, June 11, 2024

One even entered using the CBP One Amnesty App, which is supposed to be the gold standard for vetting illegal aliens.

The targets had all crossed the southern border and initial vetting by federal authorities didn’t turn up any negative information tied to their names, Fox News reported.

At least two of the men had crossed into the US in spring 2023, and one had used the CBP One app to enter, according to NBC’s sources.

Six Suspected Terrorists With ISIS Ties Arrested In Sting Operation In New York, Los Angeles And Philadelphia: Sources, by Jennie Taer, NYPost, June 11, 2024

Most Americans and even some immigration commentators seem to think that the vetting of aliens, legal or illegal, is thorough and effective. In fact, the investigation of the suitability of aliens coming to the United States is neither thorough nor effective.

I’ve done background investigations of those applying for initial employment and a security clearance or renewing their security clearance, and the investigation of immigrants is pathetically ineffectual and completely ineffective.

All the investigation of an alien applying for an Immigrant Visa (IV), Non-Immigrant Visa (NIV), adjustment of status in the United States, or entering under any of the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesties entails is a name and date of birth check in a few computer databases for criminal and intelligence histories and a fingerprint check. That is all. Criminal histories usually rely on decidedly corrupt or incompetent local law enforcement, as most aliens coming to the United States don’t yet have a criminal history, either by name or by fingerprint, in the United States.

Compare that to an application for employment with the United States government: The applicant completes a detailed form, the Standard Form SF-86, Questionnaire For National Security Positions, providing work history for at least 10 years, residency for at least 10 years, dates and places of education, the names, addresses, and telephone numbers for all close relatives, all memberships in organizations, and at least three references, with the background investigator required to develop, identify, and interview three additional persons who know the applicant but were not on the SF-86. The applicant is also interviewed in detail. On the other hand, an interview for adjustment of status, IV, NIV, parole, refugee, asylum, or other Biden Regime Amnesty programs is only a few minutes, if done at all. Note that the Obama Regime ended the requirement that all NIV applicants be interviewed, while U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has whole classes of those applying for adjustment of status that it does not interview.

So any “fully vetted” illegal alien being released into the United States is not in any sense “vetted”; all that is required is a name and fingerprint check for known criminal or intelligence information and maybe a short interview. And the result is hundreds of terrorists either released or encountered at the border with Mexico.

Terrorist Encounters at the Border

The only question is why there are so few terrorists in the United States. We know some terror organizations like the Irish Republican Army, Hamas, and Hezbollah have a policy of not striking in the United States, but using it as a fundraising location. But Al Qaeda’s and ISIS’ failure to take advantage of the useless immigrant vetting system is quite surprising. Still, given the fact that these “fully vetted” migrants are the backbone of drug cartels, gangs, and unorganized criminal activity, no one should be surprised by the extensive criminal activity of legal and illegal aliens in the United States. Terrorism is only a step behind as no aliens are fully vetted. They are instead a disaster waiting to happen.

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