Good FAIR Video On Administrative Amnesty - But No Effective Action Plan
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Great exposition - but what is the answer?
Following up publishing what I applauded last week as a Fair Piece BY FAIR on Administrative Amnesty Dan Stein of the Federation for American Immigration Reform has recorded a pretty effective video clip on the subject. It is worth watching and circulating.
Stein addressed (0:36)
"…the disaster that is befalling this country as the Obama administration dismantles the last remaining pieces of immigration law enforcement”
Possibly because FAIR was involved in the legislation, Stein seems genuinely outraged (1:09) that
"…the Department of Labor is now longer checking E-Verify compliance with Federal Contractors…”

(Of course this underlines that Lou Barletta is right about LaMar Smith’s E-Verify Bill being a mistake.)

At 2:38 Stein notes the shutdown of Border Patrol activity at transportation hubs I discussed last month.

Of course, being FAIR, the most successful nest-featherer of the immigration restraint outfits, the video wanders off into an implicit fund-raiser and, ineffectual as always, ends with mumbling about working with “allies on Capitol Hill” and with the media blah, blah, blah.

What is happening here is clear. Having floated their Administrative Amnesty proposal in August and found no meaningful opposition from the GOP, the Obamacrats and their state and local government allies are implementing the policy across a broad front.

Yes, the MSM is in shutdown mode on the topic – its basic tactic as last Saturday’s GOP debate showed – and the Republican appear curiously intimidated. But as Stein correctly says (3:11):

“This represents an unparalleled abandonment of the Administration’s primary duties and responsibilities, to enforce the laws of the United States”

This is an impeachable offence and what is needed here is impeachment. Nothing else will get attention. Even Congresscritters “moderate” on immigration must feel insulted by this act of despotism.

FAIR may not have the steel to say this – but does.

My helpful suggestion: Any donations stimulated by Stein’s useful exposition on this scandal would be more effectively used by us.

H/T One Old Vet

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