GOP Presidential Debate: Must-Not-See TV
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Maybe I'm not the only one surprised by this but did you know there are ten (declared) GOP candidates at this point?

Wow! I knew about Giuliani, Huckabee, Tancredo and McCain - well, McCain always runs...he lives to run...but there are a lot more candidates than I thought. The MSM tends to focus on the Dems—specifically, Clinton and Obama which is funny because before either of them I would probably vote for Jose Canseco even after his campaign pledge to "stay on the Juice."

Crikey, Senator McCain references his time as a POW in Vietnam almost as often as Senator Kerry mentions his fifteen minutes over there on a boat which is saying something, people. I'm not kidding, the question posed was about stem-cell research and somehow McCain began his response with something like "thank you for welcoming me and my fellow POW's home..."

Then again, just ask Senator Kerry something simple like whether he wants chicken or fish and his response would be "when I was in Vietnam we didn't have choices like that..."

McCain said - if elected - he would put a Democrat in a cabinet post...then he mentioned Senator Lieberman - who is not a Democrat, Mr. POW.

Congressman Hunter was asked what the greatest failure of the federal government is (so far) and he said...BORDER ENFORCEMENT!! Good man Charlie Brown!

This is the strangest debate I have ever watched...MSNBC has covered everything from evolution to a Scooter Libby pardon and whether the candidate likes the Mainstream Media. One of these men are potentially the next President of the United States, right?

I don't care if he believes Zeus created mortal men by breeding fairies with centaurs, I just want to know if he opposes amnesty or not...maybe I'm too provincial.

Giuliani says a tamper-proof identification card is "the most important element of immigration and national security." Governor Romney agrees...oh where is Tancredo when we neeed him? This question was a great opportunity for Tancredo but...ugh, he didn't take it!

In response to the national identification card, Brownback says "secure the border with a fence and protect our social security system."

Yep, so far it is just as I suspected: These guys are avoiding the immigration question...cowards.

Ron Paul....I just love him. He just said "The purpose of government is to protect the privacy of its people, not the privacy of the government."

Well at least all the candidates seem to agree on one thing! Hilary Clinton (and her husband) in the White House would be a bad, bad thing!

Final Question: How will you be different than President George W. Bush?


Romney: "I would take the war on terror and expand it globally." Wow... Mc Cain: "I would not have mismanaged the war." Sure he wouldn't... Huckabee: "Honor the 10th Amendment" I want to hear more... Hunter: "Enforce trade laws" What does that mean??? Tancredo: "No Child Left Behind was over-reaching." Close...but he blew his chance to hit on immigration. Giuliani: "We as Republicans need to remind people that President made the right decision in September 2001." You first, Rudy! Paul: "Protect the privacy of American citizens." Nice...

And that's it. A preview of what's to come!


P.S. To note: In the aftermath of the debate, Congressman Tancredo expressed his disappointment that immigration reform was not discussed in more detail during the hour and a half discussion.

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