Great Replacement Update: Biden Moves Invasion Into High Gear: Illegals Taking Over Major Airline Flights In Regime Colonization Surge
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Video from the Babylon Bee’s Ashley St. Clair and reporter Tayler Hansen shows that Traitor Joe Biden and his Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, have dramatically escalated the Great Replacement of illegal aliens. The regime is purchasing seats on major airlines and staging special screening procedures at airports. 

“It isn’t just Delta,” Florida GOP Representative Matt Gaetz X posted over St. Clair’s video. “It’s every major airline carrier.  We are literally funding our invaders. SHUT IT DOWN!”

Meanwhile, from Phoenix, Hansen reported that the invaders “have no idea where they’re going” but the destinations are New York City, Texas, Philadelphia, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Hansen also reported that Biden’s “migrants” are confessing to immigration fraud by claiming asylum, yet jumping the border for jobs and free stuff.

More footage shows illegals entering and being escorted out of ladies’ restrooms.

When St. Clair asked a Delta employee about it, he answered this way: “What does it matter, they’re humans too.”

Recall that these flights are for those already here. Biden is also flying them directly into the country.

If one of these unvetted illegals sets off a bomb on a plane or in an airport, we know who to blame.

Colorado GOP Representative Lauren Boebert nailed it:

This is how they turn every state into a border state.

And our tax dollars are the funding for this disaster.

Completely abhorrent.

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