Great Replacement Update: Border Patrol Releases Illegals Without Court Dates in Arizona; Border Sector Chief Fired After Speaking To House Committees
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The Border Patrol in the Tucson Sector is releasing illegal aliens without a court date for an asylum hearing. Instead, they are released with the minor expectation they will report to an immigration office within two or three months, Ali Bradley of News Nation has revealed. In the example she disclosed, the Border Patrol released 55 Ecuadorans.

After the “migrants” were freed, communist subversives with the International Rescue Committee received them in Phoenix:

Sources tell me migrants who have been processed will be released daily from that station and if available, the NGO will receive/transport them. You’ll recall this is happening down in Cochise County as well, and migrants are being transported to Tucson so they can continue their journey to their final destination. 

Both of the NGOs are receiving federal funding/grants which is taxpayer $$. 

Bradley reported that 1,450 illegals cross into the sector every day.

Meanwhile, U.S. Customs and Border Protection cashiered El Centro (California) sector Chief Gregory K. Bovino, top Republicans allege, after he met for a transcribed interview with the U.S. House committees on Homeland Security and Oversight and Accountability [Chairman Green, Comer Prove CBP Over Allegations Of Retaliation Against A Witness In Committee’s Biden Border Crisis Investigation,, July 21, 2023].

In a letter to the acting CBP chief, the two panel chairman, Mark Green of Tennessee and James Comer of Kentucky, say a whistleblower inside CBP revealed the retaliatory strike:

According to a whistleblower familiar with CBP law enforcement and personnel practices, within hours of that transcribed interview having concluded, a senior U.S. Border Patrol official informed Chief Bovino that he was relieved of command of the El Centro Sector effective immediately and would thereafter report to CBP headquarters in Washington, D.C. for a temporary duty assignment of indefinite nature and time. The whistleblower describes that temporary assignment as one of no certain mission, no articulable purpose, and without any timeline of completion. The whistleblower further alleges that this practice is consistent with the way in which CBP officials have dealt with employees who they wish to leave the agency, by placing maximum pressure on them to relocate, retire, or resign.

Let’s Go Brandon’s latest Great Replacement tactic: fire anyone who reports the truth about the illegal-alien invasion.

MEMORANDUM FOR GOP HOUSE LEADERSHIP: Here are two more items for the articles of impeachment that U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy refuses to consider. It’s time to act. Impeach the traitor!

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