Great Replacement Update: Invaders Likely Include Contagious Microbes Riding In With Unvaccinated Illegals. Bonus: Their Kids Are In Schools
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As sanctuary New York City gets what it so richly deserves with “migrants” filling hotels and homeless shelters, it’s worth recalling what city health officials revealed in April. Illegals are carting in tuberculosis and other dread diseases that will infect native Empire Staters. That’s particularly dangerous for city kids, and something parents must remember as the first day of school approaches.

Get this: 50 percent of “migrants” aren’t vaccinated against the usual diseases, including polio.

[City Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan] also said the new migrants come from, or pass through, countries with high rates of infectious tuberculosis—and noted there’ve been outbreaks of chickenpox in shelters housing the newcomers.

“More than 50,000 people have come to New York City (NYC) in the past year shortly after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. As more people arrive and many make NYC their home, the scale and scope of need continues to grow,” Vasan said in an eight-page letter, dated April 11, sent to physicians and other health care providers. 

Vasan said screening and vaccinating migrants for diseases and viruses that’ve been kept in check in the city is a top priority.

“Vaccination rates for certain diseases are low in some of the most common countries of origin, with rates hovering around 50% for polio as an example,” the commissioner said.

[Half of migrants piling into NYC not vaxxed for polio, top doc warns, Carl Campanile, New York Post, April 16, 2023]

In February, we learned that unvaccinated “migrant” kids were attending school [Migrant students in NYC schools without proof of vaccinations, by Susan Edelman, Georgia Worrell and Melissa Klein, New York Post, February 4, 2023]. Total “migrant” pupils enrolled: 11,000.

The illegal-alien invasion at the southwest border is going strong, thanks to Traitor Joe Biden, which means even more diseased “migrants” will pile into cities, where authorities will pack their unvaccinated kids into classrooms.

City schools open on September 7.  Let the outbreaks begin.

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