Gun Blogger Asks "How Can the NRA Become Less White?" But Fails To Ask "Why?"
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Gun blogger Robert Farago says he supports the Second Amendment, but unfortunately he is aligning supporters of the Second Amendment with groups that oppose the Second Amendment. Farago is the Marco Rubio of the gun rights movement.  He thinks white is bad and that bringing in more non-whites will save the Second Amendment as Rubio thinks that more Mexicans in the Republican Party will guarantee more tax cuts and victory on the cultural issues.  Stupid is as stupid does.  Are the People of the Gun dumb enough to think that blacks and Hispanics will save the Second Amendment?

The Truth About Guns April 25, 2014 by Robert Farago
Question of the Day: How Can the NRA Become Less White?
As far as I can tell, I’m the only African American at the NRA’s national convention. And I’m white. Not to put too fine a point on it, Indianapolis has just become the Old Fat White Guy center of the universe. While I have nothing against OWFGs – some of my best contributors are OWFGs – the battle to defend and extend firearms freedom lies elsewhere. The urban cores are where it’s going down, conurbations where minority voters hold sway. If the NRA wants to seal the deal, to put gun rights beyond reproach (where the U.S. Constitution places them), they need to attract blacks, asians and hispanics. So . . . how? How does the arctic-colored civil rights organization get minorities to come in out of the cold?

Never mind Farago's stereotyping whites as old and fat.  There are no statistics to support that.  In fact, Hispanics and blacks are much more obese than whites.  But I guess Farago would not go to that stereotype, which is true, because he fears being labeled racist for telling the truth, but instead tells a lie in an attempt to gain some street cred among the race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who support gun control.

I guess old, fat, black guy, or old, fat, Hispanic guy just don't roll of the tongue well enough for Farago.  And it should be noted that Mexico is the world's fattest country.  Farago should also check out this study that shows blacks and Hispanics overwhelmingly support gun control, reflecting how they vote for political candidates who support gun control.

The real solution to the Second Amendment is for People of the Gun to double down on white voters and to get in the game on the immigration issue, supporting restrictions on Third World immigration and a second Operation Wetback to remove the Hispanic threat to the Second Amendment.

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