Help Supply Laura Ingraham With Immigration Patriot Ammunition!
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I genuinely believe that, when you give to, you give to the top of the intellectual food chain. Our ideas do filter down into broader public debate, and even into Donald Trump’s election campaigns. We inform the fight to keep America American.

Here’s an example:

Some four years ago i.e. BT (Before Trump), I got an email from a young woman producer at the Laura Ingraham Show. She wanted to pick my brain about immigration, at that time a subject that the Ruling Class had pretty well bottled up but which she cleverly saw the need to cover even further on Laura’s show.

I’m not going to reveal the producer’s name, because she’s gone on to higher things, but I still have her correspondence.

I was happy to talk to her. is, after all, a 501(c)(3) charity. We give stuff away. And I remembered Laura Ingraham fondly from our radio interview when I was on the road with my 1995 book Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster.

Laura has never said anything as graceful about my early work on immigration as the sainted Ann Coulter (“I read that cover story in National Review and realized I’d been had. I’ve been lied to. Oh my gosh! It was the only time I remember completely changing my mind about something”).

But I did sense that Laura instantly understood the argument. In those days, that was quite rare—even with self-proclaimed “conservatives.” And, just like Ann Coulter, she has subsequently emerged as a major Immigration Patriot force in the Main Steam Media. 

On the phone, Ingraham’s producer frankly said: “Of course, I don’t think Laura will be able to quote you.” 

I bore this with what Shakespeare called a patient shrug. (See “charity,” above). Needless to say, I bitterly resent the Treason Lobby’s ability to unperson its most incisive critics, especially because it occurs basically because the Respectable Right is so easily intimidated. But at least Laura Ingraham was passing Immigration Patriot arguments on to Main Stream Media audience. 

And Ingraham has continued to rely on for immigration patriot arguments. This last September, for example, she tweeted

Laura Ingraham tweets a link to

This linked to our James Kirkpatrick’s report of Jeb Bush’s weird attack on anyone questioning the indisputable fact that legal and illegal immigration results in “a changing country that is less white perhaps…” But shortly afterwards, Ingraham retracted this tweet

LI retraction

Note she retracted the retweet not because its content was objectionable—"only wished to highlight NRO podcast intvw w/ Jeb Bush on immigration”—but because it came from, “a website I in no way condone.”

Ingraham even went what we at call “The Full Lowry,” telling her CultMarx tormentors, “Thanks for the heads up!”

So she doesn’t “condone” us—but she’s happy to rip us off.

Personally, I must say that Ingraham should know better — the more so because she herself was subjected to a PC internet lynching over a trick of the camera when she spoke at 2016 GOP convention that nominated Donald Trump.

LI Nazi

But, hey, maybe that kind of groveling is the price of admission to the Main Stream Media. And there Ingraham continues to do, albeit cautiously, patriotic work.

My more general point, however: Ingraham (and other patriots in the MSM and across America) need us to supply them with ammunition.

For example, it’s quite possible that the economy is now sliding into a cyclical recession. The obvious answer to rising American worker unemployment is to restrict workforce competition from immigrants. Yet, despite’s best efforts, immigration restriction never surfaced in public debate as a solution during the Great Recession. Immigration, legal and illegal, continued at record levels.

Maybe Laura Ingraham will help surface the employment angle for immigration restriction policy now. (Without giving us credit, of course).

If she does, I congratulate her. And I wish her a Merry Christmas, the more so given her heroic adoption, as a single mother, of three children—I have three little girls myself. 

And, at this Christmas season, I appeal to readers to praise the Lord—and pass the ammunition. We’re here to supply it. 


Please, give now. 


I, personally, will be most grateful.



Peter Brimelow


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