Hispanic TV in Georgia: Not Peachy
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From the "why do you think I call it Georgiafornia" file - Atlanta Latino, the area's bilingual [unless they don't want us to read the report] newspaper that is consistently almost accurate:
"Georgia TeVe the new channel for Hispanic viewers isn’t just a dream come true, but a smart investment intended to draw the general community and advertisers to Georgia’s first local TV station for Latinos.[ New Spanish TV station to launch in GeorgiaBy Por/By Carolina Donetch ]

If your image of my home state does not include TV en Espanol or seeing the flag of Mexico waving in Georgia sunshine, your image is out-dated.

I have watched it change myself. It took about 15 years. If you can't imagine that the regional and thoroughly enjoyable accent of native Atlantans is rapidly being replaced by the sounds of Mexican Spanish and if you are surprised to learn that it is necessary to "press one for English" on phone calls to many Georgia businesses and utilities, Georgia -The Peach State- will not be at all what you imagine. More from Raphael Ortiz-Guzman, the CEO of the all Spanish TV enterprise:

"We want to reach out to all Latinos, whether they’re from Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, or elsewhere,” said Ortiz-Guzman. “We hope that they can identify with our programming because we don’t want to leave anybody out.”

Like most of his ilk...Guzman never utters the word "American" in his excitement. The colonization goes on ...and Georgia takes another step towards being a suburb of Mexico. Who is busy making a buck or two investing in this Balkanizing enterprise?

"According to Democratic State Sen. Sam Zamarripa , who is the managing director of Heritage Capital Advisors, the Buckhead-based firm investing in the project, Heritage has a long history of investment in media companies, including radio and television stations."

If State Senator Sam Zamarripa's name sounds familiar to the VDARE.com reader, maybe it is from the SPLC hit-piece on me in which he was the designated ethnic hustler ...a position that he plays so well and profitably. More on Zamarripa soon.

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